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King Saud University Hospitals Announce Initiation of An Integrated Technical System


King Saud Hospitals are currently witnessing an era of vitalization towards technology and science through the initiation of electronic transactions, aiming at elevating the efficiency of their medical services.

As crystallization of the idea, a new project of computerization and electronic archiving was launched at King Khalid and King Abdulaziz University Hospitals, which was […]

MedHealth and Wellness 2009 Attracts High-Profile Sponsors


MedHealth & Wellness 2009 – a major exhibition that will showcase medical tourism, health services, medical equipment and pharmaceutical products – has attracted the support of major health organizations, leading medical firms, and various media companies from within Oman and other countries worldwide, reflecting the significance of the event to the health and medical […]

Dr Kassem El Shunnar to Present at XIV World Congress of Neurological Surgery


Dr Kassem El Shunnar, a distinguished Consultant Neurosurgeon at the American Hospital Dubai will be presenting his experience in Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy at the XIV World Congress of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS).

Hosted by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), an estimated 2,500 attendees from more than 80 countries are […]

SKMC Relocates Pre-employment Med Exams


Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) managed by Cleveland Clinic has announced it has relocated all of its pre-employment medical exams from Al Ettihad Center to the Outpatient Speciality Clinic at SKMC Campus. Pre-employment medical exams at the new location will be performed by physicians who are trained and specialized in occupational medicine and will […]

Lifestyle Illnesses Boost Hikma Sales


Jordan-based Hikma Pharmaceuticals has said that sales of drugs to treat lifestyle-related chronic diseases now account for more than half of its sales in the Middle East, where it makes more than two-thirds of its annual turnover, the Financial Times has reported. Increasingly westernised lifestyles amongst people in the Middle East have led to […]

Kaya Skin Clinic Introduces A New Diagnostic Tool With An Ongoing Promotion at Select Clinics in The UAE


As more and more people now are conscious about their physical appearance as well as their skin health, Kaya Skin Clinic, the leading player in the skincare segment, has introduced a pioneering technology, the Kaya Skin Health Check, at three of its clinics located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The new diagnostic tool will […]

Environment Health and Safety Division of SKMC Performs Pre-employment Medical Tests


Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) managed by Cleveland Clinic announces the relocation of all pre-employment medical exams from Al Ettihad Center to the Outpatient Speciality Clinic at SKMC Campus under the management of the Environment Heath and Safety Division of SKMC starting from this week.

SKMC is owned and operated by SEHA, the Abu […]

No Sag in Plastic Surgery, Despite Economy Woes


Most women under 50 have not turned their backs, or faces, on cosmetic beauty-enhancement, despite the state of the economy.

While the recession continues, a poll of 1,000 women carried out this month showed that 63 percent of those aged 18-34 and 73 percent of women aged 35-49 thought positively of age-camouflaging procedures.

Of […]

High Blood Pressure Linked to Senior Moments


People as young as 45 with high blood pressure are more likely to have memory troubles, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday in a study suggesting aggressive early treatment of the condition may pay huge dividends.

They said people with high diastolic blood pressure — high readings on the bottom number of the blood pressure […]

Blood Tests Detect Heart Attacks Quicker, Better


A new generation of blood tests can quickly and reliably show if a person is having a heart attack soon after chest pains start — a time when current tests are not definitive, two studies found.

The newer, sensitive tests give a much better way to tell who needs help fast. Each year, 15 […]