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Cuba Offers Medical Expertise to Kuwait

Cuba plans to renew its previous bilateral agreement with Kuwait, especially in the field of medical cooperation, once the country’s new envoy secures a formal meeting with Kuwait’s Minister of Health(MoH). Manuel Pardinas Ajeno, the new Cuban Ambassador to Kuwait was speaking to the Kuwait Times yesterday to announce the country’s National Day celebrations that will be observed on Jan 1.

The day is commemorated in Cuba as the victory garnered by the triumphant armed revolution against the US-backed dictator in 1959. “Our pharmaceutical industries are booming now than ever before. We have the technical knowhow, we have the best medical universities that educate and train our doctors and nurses. So, I would suggest, when I have the opportunity to meet with the Kuwaiti minister, that our proposal to revive our medical agreements be accepted just like before,” he said.

Before 1990, Kuwait used to employ Cuban nurses in some government hospitals, but the practice ceased to exist since, he added. The Cuban envoy mentioned, “It is similar to that of the agreement renewed with Qatar at this point in time. But now, instead of nurses there are Cuban doctors. This is because we have the best doctors who have studied in our best medical universities. I think, our doctors can serve here if we can have sign same cooperation agreements with Kuwait,” he reiterated.

He emphasized the breakthrough in building several pharmaceutical companies in Cuba which, he mentioned, has gradually gained popularity in many countries. “Our pharmaceutical industries are booming, thanks to genetic engineering and . We are extending our solidarity and support to every country that needs our help. We have people to assist developing countries especially in health and medical issues, especially with our neighboring countries. In return, we are also getting something, like in Venezuela, we are given special prices in return for their oil,” he said.

Ambassador Ajeno also mentioned that three important bilateral agreements were signed with Kuwait last month. “On November last month, Cuba and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development signed three agreements to revive our water supply systems and water treatment plants. Projects have already commenced in Santiago de Cuba and Holguin province,” he disclosed.

When asked about the recent developments in Cuba with current President Raul Castro taking over the reins from Fidel Castro, Ajeno pointed out that no changes have taken place in terms of policy on both domestic and foreign issues. “They are biological brothers so no policy change has been implemented. But Raul Castro, our President, has been doing a great deal of work for our country and for Cubans in general. The good thing about Cuba is that a majority of our people support our government; that is because the government is moving on the right track,” he emphasized.

He also mentioned that according to the recent resolution passed by the United Nations, 187 out of 192 countries voted in favor of removal of US sanctions on Cuba. “But United States is a powerful country, so what we can do but ‘wait and see’. They possess the veto power in the United Nations, so we’ll see,” he said.

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