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EBM Provides a Digital DICOM PACS

EBM Provides a Digital DICOM PACS: Pangea Dental™ to a top 10 US Dental School

EBM Technologies announces that a United States Dental School ranked by as one of the top 10 in the nation, has accepted EBM’s Pangea Dental™ as their PACS imaging provider.  This University SOD includes educational, clinical, and research programs that utilize standard as well as sophisticated imaging studies such as CBCT to assess patient dental health and well being.  The implementation of a DICOM solution via incorporation of Pangea Dental™ contributes to these education and research efforts.

EBM’s Pangea Dental™ is a complete scalable solution conforming to DICOM 3.0 standards that at this school  includes a PACS Server, UniWeb, and Unigate software package.  The provided solution is scalable and can be easily upgraded in the future as it is modality independent.  Pangea Dental™ provides the University SOD a rich radiologic environment for research, education, and decision support at all levels of the educational setting.

In addition to the basic functional requirements sought by the University SOD, Pangea Dental™ also provides the school a system for digital radiology reporting, CD/DVD burning, digital photo management, and teleradiology.  It supplies a feature-rich environment that has customized hanging protocols that can place an entire image collection (e.g. full mouth series) into a selected template with just two clicks, multiple monitor support to enhance diagnostic capability, and robust viewing tools that permit sophisticated analysis.

Installing Pangea Dental™ allows this University Dental School to expand its ability to conduct clinical research in diagnostics and treatment outcomes and expand research in image and structural analysis.  Communication with other medical facilities, clinics, and institutions will be facilitated.  Clinicians will benefit from the EBM solution by having faster access to images. Images will be available for viewing nearly simultaneously with their acquisition and this will allow a quick turnaround for student/instructor viewing of studies and the radiology report.

Installation of Pangea Dental™ eliminates the delay associated with finding and placing jackets with images on the view boxes.   With the provided solution, image loss (film loss) cannot occur.  In addition, there is much greater flexibility in displaying a broad range of images, including CBCT sectional studies.

The Dental School is able to save on film and film mounting costs, film and file supplies, duplication costs, and processor maintenance and chemistry costs.  The school can eliminate its darkrooms and valuable floor space will be freed up with the elimination of x-ray storage.

In short, Pangea Dental™ will help to facilitate improvement in the school’s Dental Care by way of its DICOM PACS installation.

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