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Gethealthykuwait Discusses to Teenage Obesity

Gethealthykuwait, Kuwait’s national health campaign for better nutrition and weight management, continued its efforts to combat the rising cases in Kuwaiti schools after visiting Hind Middle School in Jabriyah to provide 44 students and teachers with free testing and consultations, reaching 220 testing and consultations in four schools and 2322 total testing and consultations since the initiative’s launch in June of this year.

Students and teachers of Hind Middle School received information on the ideal eating regimens, as well as one-on-one testing of glucose and cholesterol by gethealthykuwait’s expert nutritionists. With the individual results, the expert nutritionists from Diet Care and Taiba Hospital, the sister founders of the initiative, empower students and teachers to take the necessary steps to better their personal health lifestyles.

Gethealthykuwait Chief Nutritionist and Diet Care Operations Manager, Sami Al Bader said: “We recognize that Kuwait suffers from serious health issues resulting from the community’s own nutritious choices and the fast-food industry that exists in the country. This is a major public health concern that we made our agenda to tackle through gethealthykuwait. By visiting schools like Hind Middle School, we are changing personal attitudes and giving an opportunity for students and teachers to make a healthier difference in their own lives.”

As part of the initiative’s goal to spread health awareness, Gethealthykuwait experts conduct weekly visits to private business, schools, and public centers to give free immediate testing and one-on-one consultations. The initiative visited 15 locations to this date, which includes The State Audit Bureau of Kuwait, The National Bank of Kuwait, Wataniya Telecom, and Marina Mall.

Gethealthykuwait’s Head of Testing and Taiba Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, Rashed Al Fadalah said: “The Kuwaiti community has adopted a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, which is the reason why Kuwait has the highest number of obesity cases in the region. Teenagers have also learned these unhealthy habits and are creating both short-term and long-term risks on their health. We continue to visit schools because we want teenagers to re-establish their lifestyles to engage physical activity and more importantly, better nutritional choices before reaching adulthood.”

Gethealthykuwait is extending an opportunity for the community to take the necessary steps to better their health through its 28-day program. Gethealthykuwait is also offering a free vacation for three people to the magical island of Bali, Indonesia, for the person who loses the most percentage of his body weight after the program. The winner during cycle one was Ivan Kristovic who lost 8.8 per cent of his body weight in 28-days. Three tickets await the person who loses the most percentage of their body weight during cycle two of the campaign.

Gethealhtykuwait will also extend to every individual, couple, and family the opportunity to subscribe to a nutritional or weight-loss program provided by Diet Care at a heavily discounted rate as part of Diet Care’s efforts to help people overcome their weight challenges. On their part, Taiba Hospital is offering up to 50% discounts on full medical check-ups for every GHK participant. Once enrolled at GHK, every member receives free access to Diet Care’s dietitians and better health sessions provided by Diet Care and Taiba Hospital.

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