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Medical Research Conference Starts in Al Ain

The SEHA Research Conference in Al Ain began today, with eminent research authorities from around the world providing insights into many of the Middle East’s most innovative methods, techniques and findings.

The conference includes a wide range of topics ranging from investigations into congenital and genetic disorders by Dr. Lihadh Al-Gazali, Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, UAE University, to ‘How to read a scientific paper’ by Dr Jaishen Rajah, Senior Consultant Paediatrician, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. Dr. Hamid Rabb. Professor& Vice Chairman, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, USA will deliver the first keynote address, ‘: A Global Responsibility’. Dr. Oliver Harrison, Director, Health Authority Abu Dhabi, Public Health Policy will share his views about the “Future of Research in the UAE” while Dr Satish Chandra, Tawam will emphasize the responsibilities of physicians towards their patients in the UAE.”

SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Company responsible for the curative activities of the public hospitals and clinics of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is hosting the event to highlight the importance of continuing medical research and discovering new ways of improving and advancing its processes. All SEHA hospitals – Tawam, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, AL Ain, Al Mafarq, AL Rahba Hospital, Corniche Hospital and AL Garbia Hospitals – have been involved in organizing the event, and each has speakers and delegates.

“The concept for an Annual SEHA Research Conference was initiated in 2008, by Clinical Affairs division at SEHA and the organizing committee members, to explore new platforms for clinical research – directed Patient Care.” said Mr. Carl V. Satnifer, Chief Executive Office, Abu Dhabi Health Services Co. (SEHA). “This conference inaugural conference, I believe will set the stage for future meetings, and will encourage and promote high quality clinical research in the region.”

Medical professionals from around the world presented their new research processes and systems to physicians, nurses, allied health workers, researchers and healthcare policy makers.

Dr. Ali Abdulkareem Al Obaidli, Chief Clinical Officer of SEHA says the conference is an enlightening experience for some of the members of the audience less researched focused and provides great practical advice for those who are. “One of the best aspects of this meeting is not only the assemblage of some of the great minds of medical research and the sharing of their observations and learning but that by doing so, we encourage healthcare workers to think more about the implications and importance of research to their profession and how they can contribute to it in their careers and professions.”

“At the same time,” he said, “our speakers can communicate on an operational level to more specialized members of the audience. The caliber of these professionals is second to none and this really is a great opportunity to become involved in such a vital element of medical science. Without research there are no results and without results, there is no progress.”

Dr. Miriam Al Mazrouei, Clinical Affairs Manager, said: “We believe very strongly that this conference will prove to be one of the foremost medical research events in the Middle East. The speakers, moderators and world class contributors we have here make this the perfect place to discover the how, why and what of current medical research. This is one of the most important fields in medicine and ultimately responsible for better healthcare, disease prevention and faster diagnosis. It is an excellent arena to exchange knowledge, share experience and foster cooperation.”

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