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UAE to Support Appropriate Midwifery Care

According to a report from the Hammamet forum, held in Tunisia November 2006, evidence shows that the health and well-being of mothers and their babies has improved because of their investment in midwives’ and others’ training. Access to skilled care during and childbirth is a woman’s basic human right and more investment in the training and supporting of midwives is urgently needed worldwide. “A strong midwifery profession is key to achieving safer childbirth, and all pregnant women should have access to a midwife,” said UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid.

For the first time, during the Middle East Oby-Gyne Congress 2010, there will be a conference dedicated to midwifery. Taking place at the show’s new location in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 15 to 16 February 2010, the Middle East Midwifery Conference will focus on antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care as well as obstetric emergencies and midwifery education.

“This conference will highlight the need for educated and competent midwives for the UAE community and assist in bringing midwives and maternity care providers together to share knowledge, update skills and learn from acknowledged leaders in the field. A must for all midwives and maternity care nurses who wish to benefit from practical suggestions on how to keep birth normal for women in their care as well as update their knowledge in identification of appropriate midwifery interventions for obstetric emergencies.”

As in many other Arab countries, is the most common cancer in females in the UAE. Although there are increased numbers of detections in the region, the majority the women are being diagnosed with advanced stages of the cancer. Primary care physicians and oncologists practicing in the region will need to update their medical skills continually in order to carry out efficient preventative tests and offer the latest treatment for patients presenting with .

Running alongside the congress is an exhibition that offers a platform to present the latest technologies and product launches from manufacturers and distributors to a highly specialized audience including gynecologists, nurses, obstetricians, oncologists, sonographers and surgeons amongst others. Products exhibited include ultrasound diagnostics equipment, scanners, sensors, cryosurgery instrument, and prescription and non-prescription medicine.

The Middle East Breast Cancer Conference will run over two consecutive days from 14 and 15 February and the Middle East Midwifery Conference will run from 15 to 16 February 2010 at the OBS-GYNE Exhibition & Congress 2010 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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