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Al Mulla Group And Monrol UAE to Revolutionize Healthcare Sector

In a progressive step towards revolutionizing the medical diagnostic scenario in the region, Al Mulla Group – one of the leading business houses in the region which owns the American Hospital Dubai, has signed up a new partnership with Eczacibasi Monrol, Turkey – a Radio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.

The new venture launched the production of FDG (Flurodeoxyglucose) – a highly advanced tool in the diagnosis of various Oncological, Cardiovascular and Neurological conditions, on the 27th January 2010 at the Monrol UAE Office in Dubai. The launch was held in the presence of H.E. Qadhi Saeed Al Murooshid, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, and Mr. Sulaiman Shaheen, Director – Radiation Protection & Control Department (RPCD), along with the invited guests from the region’s medical industry.

Monrol UAE is producing FDG for the very first time in the region, at its UAE facility. The facility is equipped to cater to the needs of the entire GCC region. It utilizes highly advanced medical processes that are compliant with the much accredited FDA and European Pharmacopoeia standards. The new facility will influence the clinical methodology and outcome of certain vital medical disciplines in the region. The new venture will help people in the region to get the latest and best diagnostic modalities and methodology well within their reach.

With a shelf life of only a few hours, FDG works as an accurate and essential tool in the diagnosis of cancer, coronary artery blockage, Ischemia, Alzheimer, Dementia and various other conditions. Besides, FDG is used as a tracer in the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for diagnosis, staging and restaging of cancer, and also plays a significant role in the assessing therapy response.

The availability of this dispensed liquid in the local market has made it much more convenient for the people in the region to seek medical diagnosis in their own hometown itself, that too in the presence of their loved ones. Until now, people in the region have been flying to western countries to avail these kinds of diagnostic services.

For Al Mulla Group, this is the first partnership of its kind and during its last 60 years of its operation, the group has established business in various sectors like healthcare, trading, engineering, commercial, hospitality and the financial sector. With this new partnership, Al MullaAl MullaLoading… Group has literally set a milestone in the social and medical scenarios in the region.

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