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Cleveland Clinic Team Visit Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Regularly

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (), managed by , hosts Ms. Sarah Sinclair, Executive Chief Nursing Officer from the , Ohio, from 18-20 January 2010. SKMC is owned and operated by SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public hospitals and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

SKMC regularly hosts delegates from Cleveland Clinic. The aim of these visits is to assess and evaluate the existing systems and facilities at SKMC; and to participate with the top management of SKMC in setting up the needed projects and plans.

During the week, Ms. Sinclair will present two lectures to staff, “Nursing Quality” and “Improving the Patient Experience”. She will tour many of the wards and meet with the Nursing management team to discuss current and future models of care, the Cleveland Clinic Nursing Strategic Plan, and the journey to Magnet recognition. The goals of Ms. Sinclair’s visit to SKMC are to meet the leadership at SKMC and SEHA, to gain knowledge of the many inpatient and outpatient programs, to establish open communication with Cleveland Clinic, and to offer her support and expertise in any area that will benefit Nursing at SKMC.

Dr. Tej Maini, CEO of SKMC pointed, out that, “This type of visit to SKMC premises by the Cleveland Clinic Executives and Specialists from different specialties and departments are planned on a regular basis. It advances the communications between both parties helping us to integrate Cleveland Clinic medical and administrative expertise and best-in-class practices at SKMC.”

During the visit, Ms. Sinclair who has more than 25 years of executive leadership, said, “I am honored to visit SKMC today, and look forward to seeing and experiencing the progress you have made, especially within the nursing department at this 780-bed Medical City. We work closely with our colleagues at SKMC, and we look forward to sharing the state-of-the-art practices that we use at the Cleveland Clinic and helping SKMC to apply those practices to enhance .”

Mrs. Tarey Ray, Chief Nursing Officer at SKMC, said, SKMC is constantly evolving its nursing practices to assure a high-level standard of quality patient care. We are honored to have Ms. Sinclair visit us during this week and look forward to ongoing communications with Ms. Sinclair and Cleveland Clinic as we continue our journey toward Magnet recognition, and our efforts to provide excellent patient care and experience.”

“Magnet status, awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), is the highest national recognition awarded to a hospital or medical center for excellence in nursing. It is accepted nationally as the gold standard of patient care and provides healthcare consumers with a benchmark to measure quality of nursing care. We have been preparing for Magnet recognition at SKMC since year 2006, and the visit of the ANCC evaluators is planned in 2011,” Mrs. Ray further explained.

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