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Daman Relinquishes its Rights to Exclusivity For Direct Billing

As part of its role to develop the healthcare industry in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and elevate the wellbeing of the community, the National Company – , the region’s leading health insurer, announced that it will be giving up its exclusivity rights for direct billing within SEHA’s healthcare facilities in the UAE, effective 1st of February 2010. The announcement of to give up the exclusivity rights of direct billing with SEHA’s providers was greatly supported by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

Previously, patients not insured by Daman who required medical treatment at any of SEHA’s healthcare providers, were requested to pay the cost of rendered services in cash while Daman cardholders needed only to present their cards to benefit from direct billing with no cash payment. The cost of Daman’s insured member’s medical services would then be paid directly to SEHA’s hospital/clinic/pharmacy by Daman.

H.E. Zaid Al Siksek, Chief Executive Officer of Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD); commented on Daman’s decision by saying: “This decision demonstrates Daman’s concern for the community’s wellbeing. As the industry regulator, it is one of our key objectives to ensure that all residents of the Emirate benefit from the best healthcare solutions. We greatly appreciate this decision and thank Daman for taking this step that will bring benefit to the community and the industry as a whole.”

Mr. Khaled Al Qubaisi, Daman’s Chairman commented: “We are very confident of our position as the leader of the UAE’s health insurance industry. We always strive to elevate the healthcare standards in the Emirate and the UAE; and hope that this step would add to this commitment.”

Dr. Michael Bitzer, Daman’s Chief Executive Officer added: “Our decision also aims to stimulate the health insurance market and give all patients the choice of direct billing services with healthcare providers. We always value competition and our products and services will further demonstrate the grounds for our success.”

“We have been able to achieve many milestones in the last four years, such as enrolling more than 1.8 million members and introducing exclusive health insurance services to the UAE market. Such services include SANADAK, the first Disease Management Program in the UAE, and Daman’s web portal for managing health insurance needs online among many other initiatives. We are continuously developing new ways to meet our clients’ expectations; and have a number of plans in the pipeline that will feature further enhancements and experiences that will be introduced in the upcoming period” concluded Dr. Michael.

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