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Germany Pushes For Enhanced Collaborative Ties

Germany yesterday made a strong pitch for greater bilateral co-operation with the Sultanate, notably in the fields of , environment and renewable energy — areas in which German industry claims unrivalled superiority. The push for enhanced collaborative ties between the two friendly countries came at a reception hosted by the German Ambassador to the Sultanate, Angelika Storz-Chakarji, for a trio of visiting German delegations. Health Minister Dr Ali bin Mohammed bin Moosa, among other government dignitaries and business leaders, attended the function at the German Ambassador’s residence yesterday evening.

In welcome remarks, Ambassador Storz-Chakarji underlined the “vast opportunities” for co-operation between Oman and Germany, chiefly in healthcare and environmental services. She noted in particular the long-standing links between the Sultanate and the German regions represented by the visiting delegations. Speaking at the event, Senator Dietrich Wersich, Minister of Social Services, Family Services, Health and Consumer Protection of the German Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, said ties with Oman and the Arab world continued to flourish.

“Relationships with the Arab world are very important to Germany, and especially Hamburg. In my opinion, we can take a certain amount of pride in the fact that the quality of these relationships is not only stable, but is being intensified and expanded even during the difficult times we are currently experiencing.” Singling out Oman for special praise, he said the Sultanate was the first country in the Gulf region to forge close ties with Hamburg in a “landmark agreement” that was of special significance to the German region.

Highlighting Hamburg’s importance as a major hub for healthcare, Wersich said the city was well-known for its exchange programmes involving doctors seeking to advance their professional skills, as well as for the high standards of its diagnostic and treatment services. “Numerous companies now use medical instruments and products manufactured in the Hamburg metropolitan region, an area well-known as a hub for the healthcare sector. Hardly any other region has a large and closely knit network of medical care facilities, science and research institutions, service providers and manufacturers.

In this regard, he welcomed efforts by both sides to conclude a co-operation agreement between the Schleswig-Holstein University and Oman’s Ministry of Health on further training and education of Omani physicians. Hamburg’s Visiting Physician programme, involving the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and the Trauma Centre, has been expanded as well, he stated. Dr Markus Sőder, Minister of Environment and Health from the German Free State of Bavaria, stressed the deep-rooted relations between Oman and Germany, which boded well for enhanced links between the two countries, he said. He also welcomed Omanis to visit Bavaria, a region blessed with stunning natural beauty.

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