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Highlighting Diabetes Prevention Measures

More than 1,000 participants who joined the World Awareness Day celebrations recently at Prince Salman Kidney Center in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) benefited from the free blood screening, blood pressure measurement and free medical advice offered by participating doctors and experts. During the event, which was aimed at educating participants about the increasing instances of in the KSA and measures to avoid or slow down -related problems, Dr. Mona Sanan, Consultant for Al Rabie Saudi Foods Company, emphasized the importance of practicing healthy dietary habits and daily exercise to help reduce the risk of .

“Lack of awareness about the causes and treatment of diabetes has contributed to the increasing number of diabetes cases in the country, which is why we have been focusing on spreading much-needed awareness about the disease. There are several factors that lead to diabetes and the most common ones are age, heredity, obesity and lifestyle. However, what we need to know is that this disease can be avoided or slowed down by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. Living a and weight control will go a long way in preventing the risk of diabetes and other related complications,” Dr. Sanan said.

During her talk, which was attended by secondary level students and teachers from different schools in Riyadh, Dr. Sanan shared helpful tips to maintain good health, such as following a healthy eating plan that can be prescribed by a doctor or dietician; maintaining ideal weight; and exercising for 40 minutes daily according to an exercise program prescribed by a doctor or physical trainer.

“Diabetic patients should follow the advice given to them by their doctors and take the medicines prescribed to them. Patients should also regularly monitor their blood glucose levels and write it down in a record book. Regularly checking on blood pressure and cholesterol is also advised,” Dr. Sanan pointed out.

“Diabetes Education and prevention” is the theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day–urging individuals and organizations to get a better understanding of the disease and how to take control of it. For people with diabetes, the theme acts as a message for empowerment through education. For healthcare professionals, it is a call to improve knowledge so that evidence-based recommendations are put into practice. For the general public, it is a call to understand the serious impact of diabetes and know where possible, how to avoid or delay diabetes and its complications.

Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd. continues to implement its plans and strategies as part of their efforts to provide good health for all through its products. The company has participated in past food fairs and trade exhibitions and has promoted social and health programs as part of their role in serving the community.

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