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Major International Conference on Eye Surgery Techniques

The internationally renowned Muscat Eye Laser Centre (MELC) is playing an important role in helping to host a major international eye laser surgery conference in Muscat that will attract over 150 delegates from 45 countries.

The 12th International Schwind Users Meet will be held at the Barr Al Jissah Shangri-La Resort & Spa from the 29th to 30th January and has attracted some of the world’s leading exponents of eye laser surgery techniques.

Schwind, a global leader in providing cutting edge eye laser technology, has chosen Oman for their latest meeting because of the superb results that Dr. Maria Clara Arbelaez of Muscat Eye Laser Centre has experienced using the Schwind laser called Amaris.

MELC is currently top of the Schwind international list as the most successful user of their technology that has helped with the 48,000 surgeries carried out by Dr. Maria and her team since the centre opened in 2002.

She will give a total of 10 different technical talks and briefings to her international colleagues during the two day event – sharing her success and technical know-how with delegates who come from as far afield as Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, China and India in addition to representatives from the Middle East and North Africa.

Commenting on the conference MELC Chief Executive and founder, Sameer Al Awam said: “We are very proud that Schwind has chosen Muscat for their international User Meet based on the superb work that Dr. Maria has undertaken using their technology, allowing her to produce outstanding results and be the most successful user of the Amaris laser.

“Dr. Maria has a global reputation for the quality of her work and she has the lowest retreatment rate of any other eye laser surgeon in the world at just 0.28 per 100,000 patients treated – far better than anyone else in the world.”

Mr. Al Awam explained that he hoped that the decision of such a high profile international company to host their annual event in Oman would help to encourage other international companies to host their events in the Sultanate.

“Oman is an excellent centre for international companies to have their meetings as it has hotels with excellent conference facilities and delegates can also enjoy the outstanding natural beauty and centuries-old Oman culture during their stay here,” he explained.

During the conference MELC will take on the role of the “main investigator” which means they are a considered a true expert user of eye laser technology who work as an industry consultant, make suggestions on modifications to technology and share best practice across the international market.

Schwind is recognized as a global leader in the provision of eye laser technology and has won numerous international awards for their work and the German-based company hosts an international user meeting every year.

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