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Patient Gets Clean Bill of Health

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Hospital, a multi-specialty facility, successfully carried out the catheterisation procedure on a 38-year-old Bangladeshi national admitted to the hospital in a critical situation while suffering from a cardiac disease (heart attack).

This has been the first procedure to be carried by the hospital since the inauguration of this only catheterisation laboratory (cath lab) for cardiac patients in the Northern Emirates in November last year, according to the doctors.

The cardiac patient, Sultan Ahmed, an employee of the RAK Ceramics, was admitted to RAK Hospital while in critical condition after being transferred from Seif Obaidullah Hospital.

Speaking to Khaleej Times on Thursday, Dr Rajeev Lochan, Chief Interventional Cardiologist at RAK Hospital, who headed the catheterisation procedure, said the patient was examined in the cath lab with diagnostic imaging equipment and the doctors found out that one of his arteries was broken up to almost 90 per cent.

The patient’s levels of cholesterol and sugar were high.

The patient spent two days in the hospital under the intensive care of the doctors before the one hour catheterisation procedure, said Dr Lochan.

He noted that the procedure involved a catheter (thin tube), which was inserted into a large artery. “This allowed for fluid drainage, fluid injection and various surgical instruments and devices which were inserted through the body via the catheter,” the doctor said.

“The procedure was a successful one and the patient’s health greatly improved after the completion of the whole procedure. The patient who was in good condition was discharged from the hospital on Thursday, just two days after the treatment,” he said.

He said this treatment is imperative and a crucial requirement for several cardiac conditions.

Dr Lochan however noted that the catheterisation procedure is not the end of the programme; the cardiac patient has to continue observing the problem through regular check ups with the doctors to avoid the possible attacks during the future.

The doctor said that the common causes of cardiac or heart attacks are high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, smoking and others.

He stressed that among the ways to prevent such problems include, making regular exercises, engage in various sports activities, to be mindful about the diet, avoid smoking and the time to time check up with the cardiologists.

The doctor also advised patients with critical emergencies for cheat pain or heart related problems to immediately visit specialized hospitals or clinics, as time is a very important factor in the treatment of heart diseases.

The introduction of this cath lab in RAK that offer cardiovascular treatments has saved time and money for the cardiac patients who have been travelling to emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi for such services.

Doctors at RAK hospital said it was highly essential to have the catheterisation lab available to the residents of Ras Al Khaimah as it provides critical emergency solutions to heart patients, and thereby, control the growing rise of fatal incidents in the Northern Emirates.

According to one doctor, it has been estimated that 41 per cent of all deaths in UAE are caused by cardiovascular or heart related diseases.

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