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Biocartis Acquires Philips Technology Platform

Biocartis, molecular diagnostics company,  said it has signed an agreement with Royal Electronics to acquire its technology platform for rapid fully-automated DNA/RNA molecular diagnostic testing.

The platform has been designed for applications in a wide range of patient sample testing, including oncology and infectious diseases.

Biocartis said under the deal it will develop and commercialize the platform, together with a menu of tests, through strategic partnerships and finalize validation of the platform at its newly-established and wholly-owned Dutch subsidiary Biocartis BV.

The company however refused to disclose any financial details of the agreement.

Biocartis BV is based on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where it will benefit from close access to the multi-disciplinary R&D facilities and services of Philips Corporate Technologies.

“This agreement is transformational for Biocartis as it accelerates our plans to bring innovative and cost-effective molecular diagnostic solutions that can turn personalized medicine into practice,” said Rudi Pauwels, CEO of Biocartis.

Under the terms of the agreement, all platform-related assets, including the relevant Philips patents and technology know-how, plus a number of existing Philips staff members, will be transferred to Biocartis.

“From our inception, we have been on a quest to integrate a clinical sample preparation and processing technology to complement our own developments. The platform developed by Philips clearly stood out as an impressive, integrated solution in terms of architecture choices, functionality, flexibility and bears the signature of a world-class engineering team,” he added.

“We are extremely pleased that in Biocartis we have found a highly innovative and entrepreneurial partner that is committed to bringing a cutting-edge molecular diagnostics platform to market based on advanced technology developed by Philips,” said Gottfried Dutiné, executive vice president of Philips and global head of Markets & Innovation.

“Biocartis’ vision of the future of molecular diagnostics, the technologies they have developed within the space of a few years and the proven track record of its key management in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sector have convinced us of the value of this agreement.”

To make effective use of existing and new DNA/RNA biomarkers and to fully realize the potential of personalized medicine, new solutions are needed to make the required tests more widely available. This will be the focus of Biocartis.

At the same time, it will be essential to integrate, analyze and present all the available patient data in an intelligent way.

Philips will focus its research program in this area on the integration of molecular diagnostic information into clinical decision support systems with the objective to help clinicians to arrive at the correct diagnosis and choice of therapy.

Through its ongoing technical collaboration with Biocartis, Philips will remain closely involved with technology innovation in this field, contributing to the development of optimized solutions that address the needs of both patients and care providers, Dutine added.

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