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DuPont Investment to Increase Global Food Production

DuPont is today presenting “Advancing through New Molecular Techniques” by George Tice, R&D Director, DuPont Qualicon, during the 5th Dubai International Conference (DIFSC). John Hoffmann, Director Quality Assurance, Solae will address “: Quality, Trust and Integrity” in Session 14 on February 24th. DuPont will also host a workshop on “Advancing Global Nutrition and ” on 24th February in session 17, addressing global food industry needs.

“One DuPont, a strategic concept, works through an industry initiative offering integrated product and application solutions to specific industries, for example the food industry,” said Eser Acarkan, Food Industry Leader, Turkey, & Africa.

DuPont offers numerous solutions to the world’s food needs. DuPont Crop Protection provides innovative technologies to improve sustainable agriculture for a growing world. DuPont recently launched the revolutionary new insect control product DuPont™ Coragen™ in Saudi Arabia, setting a new standard for insecticides in the Middle East.

As today’s consumers discover the health benefits of soy protein, Solae LLC, an alliance between DuPont and Bunge, is developing innovative soy-based technologies and ingredients for food, meat and nutritional products, delivering a unique combination of functional, nutritional, economical and sustainable benefits to customers.

“The Middle East is taking the food safety challenge seriously with increasing emphasis in the food industry and media coverage on food security goals. As the Middle East develops in this area, advanced technologies and techniques that can maintain the integrity of products as they travel from the supplier to the consumer are required. DuPont Qualicon provides food safety diagnostics that can reduce the impact of pathogens and unwanted organisms in food. Products like the BAX® System provide rapid and easy-to-use tests for E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other harmful pathogens,” said Dr. Doris Engesser-Sudlow, Regional Director, DuPont Qualicon Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“Increasing food production is a priority initiative for DuPont The company invests about half of its annual research and development funding to furthering this goal. Emerging markets, like the Middle East face different local challenges. Hence understanding market insight is critical to drive DuPont market-driven science to penetrate and grow. We initially establish relationships with strong local supply chains and build a base of business with our existing offerings and then use our science capabilities to develop products that are tailored to the unique demands of the local market,” said Hartmut Reinke, Director for Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

DuPont also offers a broad range of packaging solutions to help protect food from spoilage and contamination with reduced energy and greenhouse gas impact that are renewably resourced, enable less packaging to be used and support more responsible end-of-life solutions. DuPont recently participated at the Plastic Packaging Middle East 2009 highlighting advantages of its food packaging specialty polymers including Appeel® peelable lidding sealant resins, Surlyn® food seal layer flexible resins, Bynel® coextrudable adhesive resins and Nucrel® delamination- and seal failure- resistant resins.

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