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Innovation Of Cancer Treatment Device

Late last year, Dr Al Ani had devised a new system for through his research on the spread of and its prevention. This discovery also won acclaim among experts, when it was announced at the Gene Congress held in December 2009.

“The technology using x-rays induced by nano-pulse laser allows visualising the smallest atomic size, nano-structure sub-cells and proteins with high resolution and specificity. This can help us know more about the structural and functional dynamics of cancer stem cells.”

Today, though cancer treatment is effective, it is invasive and patients have a tough time. Identification of proteins on breast can help to develop new strategies to prevent deadly diseases. “We had discovered in our previous researches that a specific unknown protein that can confuse the white blood cells- the key factor of immune system. This can help in fast spread of cancer stem cells which is proven by its presence in lung between the airways or bronchioles and the surface of the heart. So with the development of real time imaging in high resolution can help doctors find a proper, least invasive and efficient way to treat cancer.

His latest innovation is based on using nano-robot to label the cancer cell. He injected nano-robot labelled human cancerous breast stem cells into mice and after few weeks these labelled cells were located in the breast, lung, heart, liver and brain of the mice.

Nano-robot to revolutionise

“These robots have a size of 100 nano metres. We followed the spread path of cancerous breast stem cells alone and with their combination of proteins and coagulation system parameters. In this experiment we found that the spread can continue to brain and liver tissues, other organ, and that this spread is not only caused by stem cells or proteins,” he said.

Dr Al Ani had to develop a nano-pulse laser and nano-robot. These have high medical, nuclear, and environmental applications as it can help in evolving high specific particle sensor devices up to the minute sizes.

“This technology will allow us to observe and hopefully stop the spread of cancer during migration by using proper methods of treatment, such as photonic laser or chemicals. Furthermore, the future of this discovery allows us to follow the blood clots’ spread and prevention of brain and heart stroke,” he said.

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