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SKMC to Celebrate International Childhood Cancer Day to Raise Awareness

As part of the ongoing commitment of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City () managed by Cleveland Clinic to support and raise the awareness on Pediatric Oncology, will celebrate the “International Childhood Day” (ICCD) on Thursday along with the International Confederation of Childhood Parent  Organization (ICCCPO).

International Childhood Cancer Day 2010 aims to raise awareness on the importance of early diagnosis of childhood cancer and access to a specialist child cancer unit for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The earlier a child is diagnosed, the better the chance of successful treatment and recovery.

The International Childhood Cancer Day was declared in Luxemburg in September 2001. However, the event on February 18, 2010 is the 6th annual event in the U.A.E.To mark the “International Children’s Oncology Day 2010”, the Pediatric Oncology Team at SKMC organizes several activities that are designed to bring the whole family together with others for the purpose of raising the public awareness about Cancer, having fun and sharing information.

Attended by members of SKMC Senior Management, a get-together for the children, their parents and SKMC medical team is organized which will include several activities for children such as face painting, arts and crafts. Gifts will also be distributed to the children on SKMC premises on Thursday 18 February 2010 Moreover, an educational booth will be set-up at Khalidiyah Mall, ground floor, with several activities organized for children (drawing, face paintings,… etc). Physicians will also be available to offer free consultations for families.

Commenting on this health awareness campaign, Dr. Tej Maini, CEO of SKMC stated that, “Our objective for participating annually in the International Childhood Cancer Day is to promote the importance of early diagnosis of all different types of cancer and getting the right treatment. SKMC is committed to apply the best medical practices and to educate not only the patients but also the community on disease control and prevention”.

Dr. Atul Mehta, Chief Medical Officer at SKMC said, “SKMC is willing to continuously participate in health campaigns, symposiums and activities. It is our mission with the cooperation of our Health Promotion to increase the awareness of the public about pediatrics diseases in addition to providing advanced pediatrics surgical and that meets internationally recognized standards of excellence to the residents of the UAE”. Also, Dr. Ian Jefferson, Acting Chairman of the Pediatrics Institute at SKMC stated, “This event is the sixth participation of SKMC in the “International Childhood Cancer Day” (ICCD). We are devoted to raising awareness on Pediatric Oncology and the Oncology Services we provide at SKMC.”

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