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A Healing Experience” Concert Lecture for its Patients

Sheikh Khalifa (SKMC) managed by Cleveland Clinic hosted the Music and Medicine Concert Lecture today March 29, at 1:30 pm in cooperation with Cleveland Clinic Arts and Medicine Institute and Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF). More than 60 patients, visitors and doctors attended the event which took place in SKMC is owned and operated by , the Abu Dhabi Company, which is responsible for the curative activities of all the public and clinics in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The goal of hosting the Music and Medicine Concert at SKMC is to bring the arts and music to the bedside which assists in the healing process. Dr. Tej Maini, CEO of SKMC’s patients and visitors. Studies have shown that music has positively impacted health and wellness throughout time and across cultures.”

“Our patient population at SKMC is multicultural; we receive patients from more than 60 different nationalities”, Dr. Maini added. “Last year’s concert was successful; our patients have enjoyed it and benefited from it, and we intend to present this annually in corporation with the Arts and Medicine Institute of Cleveland Clinic and ADMAF.”

Kamal Chémali, M.D., Cleveland Clinic physician and a course director of the Concert-Symposium said, “Cleveland Clinic believes that healing should begin the moment a patient walks through our doors. New research shows that the arts are good medicine – providing comfort, elevating the spirit, and affirming life and hope. When used as a therapy, music can provide pain relief and reduce anxiety. The arts, when combined with outstanding patient care, create an environment that encourages healing”.

“The healing, nurturing effects of music and art cannot be overestimated. Through events such as the Music and Medicine Concert Lecture at the Abu Dhabi Festival, we can see for ourselves the happiness, comfort and reassurance music brings to those who are in pain or distress,” said H.E. Hoda Al-Khamis Kanoo, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation Founder and Director.

The Arts & Medicine Institute of Cleveland Clinic is the catalyst for integrating the arts in to the practice of medicine at Cleveland Clinic — from art and music therapies to performing arts medicine.

The Institute’s Executive Director, Iva Fattorini, M.D., explains her vision for the Institute as how her new programs are influencing Cleveland Clinic physicians and patients. She said “Our mission is to enhance the Cleveland Clinic experience of patients, visitors and employees through the arts, to practice and investigate the use of the arts in healing, and to build community around the arts, health and medicine.” The Arts & Medicine Institute creates and manages programs that: infuse the medical environment with the energy and vitality of the arts; contribute aesthetic beauty to Cleveland Clinic; expand and establish new programs that pair the arts with and discovery; pursue research studies that support the relationship of art with medicine; and encourage arts and cultural activities at Cleveland Clinic.

Prisca Benoit, professor at the Superior Conservatoire of Paris and concert pianist, who performed for the patients at SKMC said, “I am always particularly moved from within when I play piano with doctors for patients. It is a completely different experience than in the concert hall that gives a new meaning and a broader dimension to our mission as musicians. Performing for patients is a truly rewarding experience.”

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