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Medical Errors Being Contained in Saudi Arabia

Health Minister, Dr. Abdullah , said that his ministry is working out ways to reduce in the Kingdom.

The public discussion, called “Medical Errors and the Mechanism to Deal with Them”, was sponsored by the Ministry of Health to clear up misunderstandings about medical practice in the Kingdom.

The minister pointed out that the phenomenon of medical errors is a global issue and people in the Kingdom are concerned.

“It is our duty not only to prevent such misdeeds but to be transparent and keep the public informed of all the developments in the field.”

The new scheme, which aims to detect errors before they are committed, has already been implemented in 30 leading hospitals and will cover another 60 in the Kingdom.

The minister said the number of those applying for insurance cover against medical errors has increased over the past five years due to increased awareness among medical practitioners. Hospitals have their own system to prevent medical errors, Al-Rabeeah said. He said that his ministry has a scheme to withdraw the licenses of offenders and impose penalties, whilst also allowing them to appeal.

“Some of the foreign TV channels give a distorted version of stories that could mislead the public.”

Al-Eissa said that a system of heavy penalties and appropriate compensation has been developed in line with Shariah for cases involving medical errors.

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