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DHA To Develop Mini Clinics for Asthma Treatment

() announced that it will develop mini- at health centres for treating patients with asthma and raising awareness on how to prevent the disease.

DHA Primary Sector CEO Dr Ahmad Ebrahim Saif Kalban, said “We have already finished the primary stages which are training efficient doctors and nurses to deal specifically with patients that suffer from respiratory problems.”

DHA Health Affairs Department Director, Dr Nahed Abdul Khaleq Monsef, said, “The purpose of these mini-clinics is to provide more time for asthma patients. Instead of having a 10-minute consultation from the doctors or nurses, the mini-clinics would dedicate more time in treating them and educating the patients about several methods of prevention and treatment — especially educating the patients about asthma triggers, and how to avoid them.”

The mini-clinics would also provide support groups for asthma patients who sometimes needed counseling about their condition.

In addition, an experimental mini -clinic would open in the next two months at DHA’s existing health centre.

Dr Monsef said if the trial was successful, the mini-clinics would be available in all DHA health centres in .

As part of the campaign to raise awareness about respiratory illnesses, DHA recently set up an education centre at a shopping mall and offered lung tests to visitors.

Independent respiratory nurse specialist Jacqueline Brereton has been supporting the asthma awareness campaign and running a training program to educate nurses and doctors.

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