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Amman Cancer Rises by 6.6 per cent, Report

22-6-2010-1In the Kingdom, cancer incidence was 5,826 cases in 2007 to 6,214 cases in 2008, now it rose by 6.6 %, according to the National Cancer Registry report. They accounted 4,606 Jordanian cases (of which 2,274 were Jordanian males and 2,332 females) and 1,608 non-Jordanians who were treated in the country. As for children 232 cases were found in the age of 0-14 (5%) of all registered cases

Breast cancer topped cancer incidence with 866 cases (18.8 %), followed by colorectal cancer with 548 cases (11.9 %) registered among males and females. While Lung cancer came third with 356 cases 7.7 %) of the total, followed by non-Hodgkin lymphoma with 333 cases (7.2 %) and leukemia ranked fifth with 246 cases (5.3 per cent). When they ranked females only, breast cancer topped the total incidence among females with 855 cases, followed by colorectal 219, corpus uteri 127, thyroid cancer 109, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma 107. As for males, colorectal cancer ranked first with 329 cases, followed by lung cancer 297, urinary bladder cancer 171, prostate cancer 163, and leukemia 152. The report revealed the count according to the geographical distribution of cancer cases in 2008, Amman topped the Kingdom’s governorates with 2,667 cases, followed by Irbid (579), and Zarqa (535). Tafileh Governorate ranked the lowest i incidence of cancer in 2008, with only 31 cases registered.

Despite all these rankings cancer remained the second leading cause of death in Jordan after cardiovascular diseases, causing 14 % of the total deaths in 2008, which stood at 13,835. “The cost of treating a cancer patient ranges between JD10, 000 and 15,000. However all Jordanian cancer patients receive free-of-charge treatment.” according to Ministry of Health Secretary General Deifallah Lozi. He also announced that “The ministry decided to adopt a unified treatment protocol for three types of cancers – breast, colon and leukaemia – in all hospitals across the country.”

Bassam Hijjawi, director of the ministry’s primary healthcare directorate, said “The report was the 13th launched by the Jordan Cancer Registry since its establishment in 1996,” explained that “Data for the report was collected and abstracted by trained registry staff through regular visits to all hospitals across the country. The latest National Cancer Registry contains figures for 2008 because it takes 20 to 24 months to verify primary cancer.”

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