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Philips 2nd Breast Feeding Awareness And Health Forum AVENT In The UAE

For the second time Royal Philips Electronics is organizing ‘The Breast Feeding Awareness and Health Forum’ AVENT in the UAE. This conference is taking place in cooperation with the Philips AVENT regional distributor, Al Qadi Pharmacy9-6-2010-2 and Establishment based in Dubai. Philips AVENT is conducting two forums this year, one in Abu Dhabi, 14 June 2010, at the Beach Rotana Hotel and another one in Dubai, 16 June 2010, at the Address Downtown Hotel. The Dubai event has been accredited by the Dubai Health Authority for 2 CPD hours. Themes of this event that will be discussed include the history of breastfeeding, including the advantages and contradictions involved in breastfeeding, as well as the role of breast feeding in preventing diseases. An expert panel will be held where the audience can ask questions with regards to infant nutrition and local breastfeeding practices.

Over the years evidence has shown benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and their babies. The short-term benefits of breastfeeding include improved immunology for the baby, protection against certain cancers for the mother, and creating a bond that can reduce the impact of ‘baby blues’. Recently researchers have focused on the long-term benefits for the baby, such as reduced risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2-diabetes. “Breast milk is the “food of love” that a mother can nurture her newborn with. In addition to the superior nutritional value it contains innumerable ingredients that are important for the infant’s physical and more importantly mental development. Its advantages extend beyond the neonatal period to adulthood; it does protect against many common non communicable disorders like obesity and autoimmune disorders,” commented Dr Mohamad Miqdady, the chairman of the event and a specialist in pediatric gastroenterology, herpetology and nutrition.
“Philips AVENT is committed to increasing breastfeeding rates by promoting and supporting optimal breastfeeding practices with the ultimate goal of improving the infant’s and mother’s health”, said Vincenzo Ventricelli, Marketing Director of Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Middle East & Africa. “Therefore Philips AVENT invests heavily in creating dialog between gynecologists, midwives, breastfeeding advisors, nursing professionals, neonatologists and pediatricians. The 2nd Philips AVENT Breast Feeding Awareness and Health Forum are aiming to give mothers more self-confidence for breastfeeding and to support healthcare professionals with educational lectures to encourage mothers to breastfeed longer.”

The breastfeeding educational class will be run by internationally recognized speakers, specialists in the field of Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition in order to help mothers to overcome any challenges and /or fears that they may have regarding breastfeeding from a practical point of view. They will discuss an overview of breastfeeding, recent updates, practical tips and advice on common concerns associated with the early days of breastfeeding, as well as interesting and helpful facts about newborns.

The other class aims give them a deeper insight into the latest research around the long-term benefits of breastfeeding. Three world class experts in infant nutrition, pediatrics and pediatric gastroenterology have been invited to present their latest cutting-edge research to the audience. Dr Mohamad Miqdady, an American Board certified Pediatrician and American Board certified in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. Dr Miqdady is also a consultant at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi, will be the chair of this session. Also Dr. Medhat Abu-Shaaban who is a consultant in Pediatrics and a member of the American Board of pediatrics and fellow member of the American Academy of pediatrics with 20 years experience in the USA and Ms Sharon Trotter, Midwife and Author of “Breastfeeding: the essential guide”, and Founder and Director of TIPS Ltd, UK.

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