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Kuwait to prohibit smoking in public


A number of citizens in Kuwait mentioned that they are supporting a 15-years old government legalization that prohibits smoking in public areas in the country. The recent public support is following news reported in local media discussing the starting of new arrangements, prepared by the Ministry of Health (MoH), in Kuwait to enforce that […]

Medsol’s Al Abbar Lab Receives JCIA accreditation


Medsol, a branch of Gulf Healthcare InternationalGulf Healthcare International, mentioned that its Al Abbar Laboratory has been granted the JCIA accreditation. Al Abbar is one of few labs in the world to receive accreditation from JCIA.

During the audit process, JCIA report did not mention a single ”non conformance to the laid criteria for […]

Less Than 25% Have Healthcare Insurance In Al-Safa, Jeddah


According to a recent survey, less than 25% of residents in Jeddah’s northern city district have healthcare insurance coverage. The survey was prepared by Health Affairs Department in Jeddah. The study was released last Friday by Jeddah Health Affairs and it noted that only 23% of residents in Al-Safa district are having healthcare insurance.


Social Healthcare Service Is much Needed In Saudi Arabia


According to recent data, nearly 25% of beds in all public hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are occupied with patients suffering from chronic conditions, such as incurable diseases, old age or disabled patients. These data were highlighted in a recent medical conference, which was held for two days.

Dr. Nawwaf Al-Harithy, director […]

The First Public-Private Partnership Takes Place In Oman


Oman has recently seen first ever Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the healthcare sector in the country. The Omani Ministry of Education (MOE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with KIMS Oman Hospital, one of the largest private healthcare centers in the country. The recent agreement was announced by representatives from the Ministry of Education, […]