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Schools canteens in Abu Dhabi can sell pies.


Abu Dhabi authorities have removed a ban on school canteens that prohibited them from selling pies. However, the ban is still active on other dairy products with high fat. Recently, The Abu Dhabi Food Control Center mentioned that all schools canteens are now permitted to sell all types of pies including manaeesh and croissants, […]

Zakat Fund used to treat hepatitis patients in UAE.


In a new initiative, the money paid for Zakat was used for treating patients suffering from hepatitis. For the first year, a number of 74 patients throughout UAE got benefits from this initiative, as Zakat funds which worth Dh1, 605,000 which was used to treat these 74 hepatitis patients. They also received financial support […]

Tawam Hospital Highlights Its New Round Operation Table.


Tawam Hospital in Al-Ain, UAE, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine, announced a new successful addition to the operation facilities of the hospital, which is a new specially developed operating table that allows for 360 degree surgery. The table can rotate in 180 degrees. By using the new table, surgeons at Tawam Hospital will […]

Bahrain to begin a campaign against H1N1


The Kingdom of Bahrain announced that its health authorities are going to begin a new campaign to increase public awareness against swine flu, aiming to support the efforts for prevention of the spread of the H1N1 virus.

Members of the supreme committee were discussing the best ways to fight swine flu during a meeting. […]

Saihati Group to build a new kidney center in Qateef.


Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Saihati, chairman of Saihati Group, announced that a new charitable kidney center will be built in the Eastern Province city of Qateef. The new center is going to cost about SR10 million. A contract was signed between Dr. Al-Saihati and another national company to start constructing the center, which is […]

A New Teaching hospital to be built in Najran.


The government of Saudi Arabia announced that it has approved recent plans that aim to build a new teaching hospital in Najran University. The new hospital will cost about of SR600 million. The announcement was made by Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, Najran Governor. He said that new hospital will aid the medical students at […]

Kuwait to build a new hospital for its Ministry of Interior staff.


The Government of Kuwait announced that it is going to allocate an area of 90,000 square meters, owned by the Ministry of Health, in order to establish new specialist hospital for the police force. The new hospital will offer medical and healthcare services the staff members of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and their […]

Cancer is the second cause of death in Jordan.


According to a recent study, cancer is the second cause of death in Jordan. The study was conducted by three Jordanian oncologists and it noted that 14% of recorded deaths in the kingdom, between 1996 and 2005, were due to cancer.

The study reported that 33,661 of individuals in Jordan were identified with cancer […]

Egypt Receives A US Grant For Funding A Pharmaceutical Study.


Egypt is about to be granted a sum of about half a million dollars from the US. The sum will be used for supporting a study discussing the reduction of prices of pharmaceuticals and improve their availability in the market. The fund will be provided following the signing of a cooperative agreement, which took […]

Riyadh Province Has The highest percent of Healthcare settings in KSA


According to a recent report, Riyadh Province is hosting about 18.9% of the health centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The report also showed that the Province has 35.4% of healthcare settings and polyclinics, 22.7% of hospitals, and 44.4% of private clinic facilities in the Kingdom.

The report was highlighted in a press […]