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Surveillance Cameras to monitor staff performance in emergency department.

Dr. Sami Badawood, ’s Director General of Health Affairs Management, announced that all the of the government hospitals of Jeddah are currently under video surveillance. Dr. Badawood is now capable of reviewing the process of receiving patients while he is sitting at his desk.

The surveillance is carried out by using recently installed digital cameras that is showing what is happening in emergency rooms. Dr. Badawood said “Now I can watch and see how patients are treated in the emergency departments of our government hospitals,” He also noted that patients are going to have improved healthcare services as officials are now able to assess the efficiency of their emergency staffs. Dr. Badawood explained “This can also help us to avoid possible mistakes and enhance work at our hospitals. The cameras are not meant just for surveillance. We’re quite confident of our doctors and nursing staff members.” He concluded that there are plan to implement such cameras in all ambulances to allow healthcare officials to be able to check the paramedics and drivers and evaluate their performance.

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