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Lack of cancer treatment services in Madina, report.

Lack of cancer treatment services in Madina, reportAccording to a recent report, there is a high rate of mortalities between patients in .  The cause of such rate is the lack of specialized hospitals, laboratories, and medical equipment needed to cure patients in the city. Every year, causes death to 585 of 740 patients, including killing 650 adults and 90 children, which represent an average of two adults daily and one child every four days.

Moreover, cancer caused death to a number of 4,150 patients throughout the last 7 years.  On the other hand, 600 children and 1400 adults are currently being undergoing treatment at the hospitals and medical centers of Madina. The report noted that there is a need for increasing the use of cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It recommended the government to establish a new specialized oncology center in the city, which would cost around SR150 million. The report also encouraged the private organizations to start providing cancer treatment services in order to decrease the load on the public hospitals.

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