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Qatari study suggests medical checkups for short-term visitors.

Qatari study suggests medical checkups for short-term visitorsAccording to a recent study in , it was found that individuals with short-duration visas should undergo health checkups before being allowed to contact citizens of the community to be sure that they are not having . The study was carried out by Permanent Population Committee (PPC).

The study noted that there is an increase in the number of patients suffering from such diseases in Qatar, and a main cause of the increasing number is individuals with short-duration visas, as there is a need to confirm that such individuals are disease-free before letting them contact citizens in the country. The study showed that among the infected patients, 77% were individuals from outside Qatar and 23% were Qatari citizens. The major reported infectious diseases included TB, Hepatitis B and C. The study concluded that the introduction and spread of such diseases is caused by as citizens and long term citizens undergo mandatory medical checkups.

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