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Al Amal Hospital Establishes Stem Cells Transplant Unit.


An official source at Hamad Medical Corporation(HMC)said that preparations are on to establish stem cells transplant unit in Al Amal Hospital by the end of 2010 in order to provide optimal care to patients in need of advanced techno-therapy and can’t afford treatment abroad. Stem cells laboratory is considered the first-of-its-kind in the region.


Daman Carries Out Diagnosis Related Groups Program


This year in 31st of October, The National Health Insurance Company, Daman, the former health premium organization in Abu Dhabi has managed to perform the recent billing program named Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) that is established to aid in increasing efforts and better control for the quality of medical services by dividing hospitals ‘s […]

Federal Hospital opens new Diabetes Facility


Abu Dhabi plays an important role to fight obesity and diabetes among children. A one of the UAE’s leading federal hospitals is established to offer services via diabetes clinic specified to children less than fourteen years. The lack of exercise and over-dependence on fast food lead to epidemic obesity affecting up to 26% of […]

HMC provides accurate diagnosis of severe and chronic eye ailments.


According to Dr Mohammed Farouq, retina and optic nerve Consultant at The new Ophthalmic Diagnostic Unit at the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the facility is going to provide precise diagnosis of severe and chronic eye ailments.

The first of its kind in the GCC region and the innovative facility has already improved the diagnostic […]

Pligrims will be supported with 3,000 beds at hospitals during Haj.


According to, Makkah Health Affairs Director ,Dr. Khaled bin Obaid Zafar, during this Haj season a number of hospitals, health centers and clinics will be providing the pilgrims with more than three thousand beds.

On Monday, Zafar said in a report that “This year’s health plan for Haj consists of preventive, curative and emergency […]

A Respiratory Therapy program In Qatar accredited by CoARTE.


In an announcement made yesterday by Qatar’s School of Health Sciences, during the International Lung Health Day, it was mentioned that the Respiratory Therapy program of the School received accreditation by the Council on Accreditation for Respiratory Therapy Education (CoARTE).

Christine Bolan, Dean of Health Sciences mentioned that “This is a huge accomplishment for […]

A New Emergency center For Children In Qatar


In Qatar, Pediatric care will get a new step forward by the opening of a new satellite pediatric emergency center in Daain, in the north, according to a senior official of the Pediatric Emergency in Al Sadd, that will be capable to cure about one million patients a year. The facility will aid in […]

Saudi Food And Drug Authority Refuses The Purchase Of Medicine On Internet.


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has disagreed to allow the buying of medication over the Internet, by declaring that the law “does not allow the purchase of medical formulations or medicines through the Internet or via telephone”.

Saleh Bawazir the SFDA executive vice president for medicine, mentioned that “The SFDA is prepared […]

Premium Companies in KSA Are Facing Health Fraud


On Saturday, Al-Hayat Arabic, daily newspaper, mentioned that the medical premium organizations in KSA are losing more than SR1.2 billion a year because of the fraudulent allegations and hospitals misusing the identities of premium card holders. Hospitals “in many cases” are also offering unnecessary examinations and services to expand income from medical premium organizations.


A new iPhone application for emergency cases is now available in UAE.


Patients now can directly get connected to their nearest health center with their iPhone. In addition, they can attach other services such as the ambulance anywhere in the UAE with their iPhone.

This new feature was released on Wednesday by the UAE Ministry of Health. The feature gives residents all basic health data on […]