Al Amal Hospital Establishes Stem Cells Transplant Unit.

Al Amal Hospital establishes stem cells transplant unitAn official source at Hamad Medical Corporation(HMC)said that preparations are on to establish stem cells transplant unit in Al Amal Hospital by the end of 2010 in order to provide optimal care to patients in need of advanced techno-therapy and can’t  afford treatment abroad. Stem cells laboratory is considered the first-of-its-kind in the region.

It will be established simultaneously and will be equipped with latest medical equipment and qualified technologists from HMC. The laboratory will offer services for tissue matching, microbiology, blood and immune diseases, chemistry and blood bank.Al Sharq daily reported that in the first year stem cells transplant operations will be carried out at the facility.

Stem cells will be derived from blood components or bone marrow at .The unit will consist of five rooms to isolate patients, and will mainly treat blood diseases, metabolism disorders, thalassaemia and AIDS. Designs were made according to advanced international medical standards.In addition, it will be managed by a professional medical team specializing in organ transplant, blood diseases, pain treatment, psychology, therapeutic pharmacology, and nutrition and physiotherapy.

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