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New Swine flu deaths in Saudi Arabia

New Swine flu deaths in Saudi ArabiaThe Ministry of Health in announced that three individuals died in the kingdom, through the last two weeks, from . However, the Ministry confirmed that the disease is not representing any threats. The announcement came just two weeks before the beginning of season.

Khaled Marghlani, Health Ministry spokesman, said in a press release “There are three cases (of mortalities), but that’s normal — this is the season,” He confirmed that swine flu is not resulting in any threats, as the rate of infection of the disease is following the same trend of other generic flu infections. Swine flu caused a global fear of being pandemic during 2009. Marghlani also noted that there were no special measures going to be applied against the disease during the coming Haj season. Around two million pilgrims come to the kingdom annually to visit the holy locations in Mecca and Medina during the season. However, such pilgrims are strongly recommended to have flu vaccinations before coming to the kingdom, as per the suggestions released by the World Health Organization (WHO). Marghlani commented “The WHO said you should deal with this flu just the same as the regular flu,”

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