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New Book Advanced In Healthcare Sector In South Arabia.

Healthcare in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Health Minister, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah and his team of employees were congratulated by Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz, deputy premier and minister of aviation and defense and general inspector on the publication of its annual report that reflected the “outstanding effort” of Saudi healthcare staff members.

Crown Prince Sultan in his letter to the health minister, praying to Almighty Allah for blessing in a continuous way the development of health services mentioned that “We thank you and the employees of the Ministry of Health for your outstanding efforts to improve healthcare services in the Kingdom,”

According to the responding of Crown Prince’s letter, Al-Rabeeah attributed his thanks and gratitude to the Saudi leaders for their generosity to the healthcare personnel. He also noted that there is a book pointing out the most prominent indicators of public health conditions and the improvement of health resources, activities and services offered by the ministry.

The minister reported “It has also outlined the multifarious developments in the health sector during the past two years; the book clearly enumerated the statistical details of the various regions and governorates in the Kingdom, especially with regard to the significant decline in the number of infectious diseases due to the successful immunization campaign carried out throughout the Kingdom.”

In addition, the minister mentioned that there was a remarkable improvement of services in the health sections in all fields. The number of hospitals was raised to 244 from 225, up by 8.4 %, and the total number of beds was raised from 31,240 to 33,277 beds — a 5.9 % raise. Now, the Health Ministry cadre involves 25,832 physicians, 1,654 pharmacists, 63,297 nurses and 32,360 technicians. The number of health staff members, involving medics and paramedics, was recorded at 123,643 against 101,789, a raise of 21%.

According to recent scheme presented by the ministry, patients need not to travel from area to area in order to  search for better medical healthcare but in rare circumstances  the facilities and the needed health professionals are permissible in all areas. Saudi minister of health explained the vision of the ministry which is: delivering comprehensive healthcare at person, family and society level, aiding the elderly and those who are incapable, preserving services in quantity and quality.

Moreover, the ministry has added four specialized centers for curing AIDS patients in Asir, Madinah, Al-Jouf and Ahsa. It has also constructed twenty consultative optional clinics to individuals that are going to check AIDS in a confident way. Besides fifty- five centers for diagnosing TB have been constructed and other thirty- five centers are predicted to be added in the future.

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