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Pediatrics Awareness The Risk Of Diabetes In Children.

children diabetesAccording to Dr Mahmoud Al Zyoud, consultant at the Pediatrics Endocrine and section at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Because of changes in lifestyle that increased the incidence of obesity, the face of is changing with more being detected with type 2diabetes.

Dr Al Zyoud mentioned that “Before, almost 90 percent of diagnosed cases of diabetes in children involved type 1 diabetes. Nowadays, about 30 percent of diagnosed cases in children involve type 2diabetes” In addition, the number of children who are suffering from diabetes is rising yearly.

 Diabetes is among the most common chronic diseases, it is mainly divided into two kinds, type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes, and type 2 which can be controlled initially without insulin. Dr Al Zyoud said that type 2 diabetes affects mostly adults. But, this kind of diabetes is becoming more common in children because of the increasing prevalence of obesity, a risk factor for this disease.

He also mentioned that the number of children who are subjected to an early detection has been rising due to greater media focus on diabetes prevention and care, besides the efforts of the Diabetes Association in teaching healthcare staff members, such as school nurses, and the public.

Dr Al Zyoud reported that “Obesity is increasing as children are less active than they used to be. With the present availability of electronic games, computers and cable television, children spend more time indoors and are getting less exercise”. He also warned parents to be attentive to the warning signs of diabetes in children which involve raised thirst and appetite, frequent urination or bedwetting, weight loss and general weakness. If children are not detected at this phase, they can start to develop a more critical phase called diabetic ketoacidosis, which is characterized by vomiting, abdominal pain and dehydration, and may cause a state of coma.

Moreover, He noted that “If the parents notice that the child is drinking too much water, wakes often during the night to go to the bathroom, or unexplainably loses weight, it is very important to check the blood sugar immediately. They can do this at home with a glucose meter or through their doctor or health center”. Parents are cautioned not to wait as early diagnosis is primary to prevent reaching a more critical phase. Diabetes can lead to chronic complications where it can affect the eyes, the kidney, the heart or the blood vessels.

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