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A Campaign In UAE Against Hepatitis C

hepatitis c campaign has been known as the silent killer, due to its hard-to-notice nature. Its symptoms develop for years, and there is no vaccination against the pathogen. The head of a medical campaign against Hepatitis in the ,Ahmed Al Za’abi, said “A wrong assumption for a traceless enemy could be dangerous,”

Students of the Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty of launched the campaign titled “Act Now Live Better” which is targeting to spread the awareness about the disease. Al Za’abi added, “Our goal is to highlight the seriousness of this disease to the people, especially that there are no symptoms during the early course of the disease, “As the symptoms appear at a later phase leading to huge problems. But the disease can be treated if discovered in its early stages.

Hepatitis C can spread by blood transfusions or by contacting with infected blood. Al Za’abi stressed” screening tests conducted during the campaign were confirmed by one of the specialized laboratories who have been dealing with this disease.”

The campaign involving 45 medical students working in shifts, 12 students are managing the desk at the mall where the tests is carried out. He said, “We have noticed that most of the people were under the wrong assumption that they are vaccinated against the disease,” The campaign confirmed the fact that populations may be vaccinated against Hepatitis B, unlike Hepatitis C, as there is no available vaccine for the latter till now.

Hepatitis C is considered a very serious disease as it causes chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and cancer, and it basically attacks the liver and uses it as its host for reproduction.

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