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A Mayoralty’s Order To Prevent Smoking In Jeddah Restaurants.

Smoking in restaurants is banned’s restaurants were informed by the city’s mayoralty that smoking is prevented, so these restaurants started to comply this the order while showing their customers the official document of it to avoid any inconvenience for their customers.

“The mayoralty’s branch has warned all north Jeddah restaurants about the ban. However, some restaurants can make special areas for smoker customers, they have to be properly watched” said Eng. Ahmad Hamza Awad, head of the Airport Municipality. He also added that this possibility is allowed only in restaurants with a covered area of at least 300 square meters, while owners who can’t offer this area and break the new rule will be punished.

Due to increasing number of women smokers especially those who smoke shisha, several populations in the city made the Jeddah Mayoralty accountable for that increasing number as restaurants and cafes were permitted to allow women to smoke, including teenagers.

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