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Discussions To Ban Faculty Doctors From Working In The Private Sector In Saudi Arabia

Saudi arabia doctorsIt has been revealed that, If the Health Services Council banned university medics from working in the private sector, this will expose over than 300 doctors at state university medical colleges to the risk of resignation.

It was reported in Saudi Gazette that the council had supported the move, but it was opposed by the Ministry of Higher Education, and it has been submitted for approval from the higher authorities.

The ministry stressed that this move will affect in a passive way on patients if the importance of the university staff was denied, and also it will affect the external clinics and laboratories where the used to practice and get their practical experience.

They said, “The ministry is also concerned that it could lose able staff from medicine faculties, and that this would affect education standards, particularly with the number of medical faculties on the increase,”

The president of Taif University, Abdulillah Banaja is not concern very much about this issue as he said that the governmental colleges and faculties are giving their teaching staff different incentives to make them stay if this move has become effective, and the problem could be handled.He added, “Doctors have the right to work in the private sector, if they have the time.”  Now the existing regulations allow faculty doctors to work in the private sector but only as part time consultancy.

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