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Al-Jinan University In Lebanon Bans Smoking

no_smokingAdministration of in has banned in its campus order to offer a healthier, better and cleaner environment for its staff and students. Accordingly, it will be the second university in the country after the American University of Beirut in 2008 to ban smoking across their campus.

Professor Aisha Yakan, deputy president of administrative affairs, during a meeting at the university’s campus in Tripoli mentioned that “We wanted to take the initiative ourselves and not wait until a bill in the government is issued so that our initiative would portray our commitment to protect the environment, and younger generations from all pests that can destroy their health and the health of other people around them”.

Yakan reported that the decision to forbid smoking was attributed to the university’s mission statement directly. She mentioned that “Al-Jinan institutions are academic institutions which have their beliefs and goals in serving the society, protecting it, guiding it and taking care of its members, both on the mental and physical levels”.

Universities and other institutions in Lebanon have been indifferent to the dangers of smoking and have not followed other countries in applying a smoking ban in indoor facilities. Yakan, who called on all smokers inside the facility to respect the new smoking policy in order to avoid warnings and probations that the administration might adopt against any violators, noted that “The decision we’ve adopted today is a brave one and will be a good point in the history of our institution”.

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