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By Hamad Medical Corporation Opens A Diabetes Unit

diabetesPatients who are suffering from will have soon all the disease-related services under one roof with opening an all-new exclusive diabetes unit.

Diabetes is considered one of the most common chronic diseases, with 285 million individuals all over the world suffering from diabetes in 2010 and 344 million having impaired glucose tolerance, which means that they have higher than normal blood glucose levels, and are at risk for developing the disease.

The number of individuals with diabetes is expecting to be 438 million all over the world. However, those with impaired glucose tolerance are going to 472 million. According to the Qatar National Diabetes Survey, 15% of Qatar’s populations have been detected with diabetes mellitus, while 11% have impaired glucose tolerance. The prevalence of gestational diabetes is at 9.7% as of 2010 which affects pregnant females.

Dr. Amin A Jayyousi, Senior Consultant for Endocrinology and Diabetes at HMC mentioned that “HMC is working on a new diabetes unit to be opened at the second floor of Hamad General Hospital (HGH).  This unit will serve both children and adult patients and will offer all diabetes-related services including treatment, pharmacy, diabetes educators, dieticians and foot care. The diabetes unit will be lodged at HGH for the first two or three years, after which it will be moved to a building in Hamad Medical . All the facilities for treatment for both children and adults will be offered in a comprehensive, all-in-one unit.”

According to Dr Jayyousi, HMC effectively offers diabetes care with a team approach. He explained “Gestational diabetes care, for instance, is carried out by a team consisting of a consultant diabetologist, a diabetes educator, a dietician, a consultant obstetrician/gynecologist, an ophthalmologist for retina examination, and a nephrologists for assessment of proteinuria.”

Currently, HMC and Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA), under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation hosted the first international American Association for Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) meeting on diabetes, obesity and other endocrine diseases in the Gulf region. The aim of the meeting is to provide healthcare professionals with the latest data on research and other improvements in diabetes management and endocrinology.

Dr Jayyousi, a member of the meeting organizing committee reported that “This is the first time that the conference was held outside the United States. A team of international and local speakers conducted lectures, a ‘meet the experts’ session and satellite symposium during the conference. Three workshops tackled the latest developments including new therapies in the treatment of diabetes. In addition, an exhibition area provided news and updates from the pharmaceutical industry.”

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