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January 2011
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Lack Of Proper Diet And Drinking Too Many Soft Drinks Are Causing Problems In UAE


tooth decayA large number of children in the suffer from decaying teeth due to poor diet, drinking too many soft drinks and not drinking enough water. Dr Aisha Sultan, president of the Dental Society, Emirates Medical Association mentioned that “We need to educate the mother right after the child’s birth [on] what type of foods she should feed the baby and how to take care of the baby’s erupting teeth,”

In addition, she reported that the situation is getting “worse” despite imaging programs of children in grades one and two at private and government schools. The doctor was speaking to Gulf News on the sidelines of a dental conference looking into new advances in treatment of acid erosion of teeth.

Dr Ramesh Bulbule, chairman of the scientific committee of Dental Society reported that “‘Fizzy drinks’ cause 75 % of acid erosion”. Asked whether lack of premium cover holds back individuals into taking suitable care of their teeth, the physician noted that it is “just a matter of time” when teeth will be covered by health premium.

The health authorities have formed the premium obligatory for each one. A private dentist mentioned that the DMFT (decaying, missing, filled teeth) among children is much higher in the UAE than in Europe.

Dr Michael Formenius explained that there is not only lack of awareness and knowledge on how to take care of the children’s teeth, however, there is what he identified as the ‘nanny syndrome’, where operating parents do not control their children’s eating or hygiene habits. The dentist reported that children up to 10 years of age when brushing their teeth should be monitored, especially during bedtime.


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