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Fining Private section Health Organizations Over SR150, 000 In Hafr Al Batin, KSA

hospital in ksaAccording to Samih Al-Hadbani, manager of the at Health Affairs, the department fined private section health organizations over SR150, 000 last year.

Al-Hadbani mentioned that “The fines were based on rulings from the Private Health Sector Organization Fines Committee, and were handed out for ageing equipment, failures to comply with public health standards at some clinics, technical and administrative failures, and some instances of out-of-date licenses. On the instructions of the head of Health Affairs, Mutliq Al-Kham’ali, any facility found in breach of regulations and instructions approved by the Ministry of Health will be penalized”

Moreover, he noted that the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Licensing controls continual morning and evening visits in order to ensure compliance with health regulations and to check that the quality standards are being met.

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