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NewLife Healthcare Fertility Center Opens in Oman

pregnant-aa-woman-in-hospital was opened under the supervision of Her Highness Sayyida Dr Muna bint Fahd al Said at the InterContinental Hotel Muscat.  NewLife Healthcare provides innovative IVF, stemcell, genetic, education and training, and homecare treatment and facilities.

The event, that also marked the re-opening of the NewLife Fertility Centre at Athaiba, was attended by Royal Family members, dignitaries, medical experts and interpreters from the US, Germany, and Italy who gave presentations on the advantages of all five NewLife ventures.

Subsequent to the opening address by His Highness Sayyid Taimur bin Faisal al Said, Director of NewLife Healthcare, the CEO of the company, Vera Neusser, discussed the functions of NewLife Healthcare LLC — namely Stemcell research and banking; Genetic research, testing and treatments; Fertility treatments involving IVF, ICSI, and PGD; Fertility centers, Health awareness, education and training and Home healthcare services.

Enlightening presentations were presented by Professor Dr Matthias, Oncologist, owner and founder of Stemcell Bank, Seracell, Germany, on Introductory Perspective of Stemcell Therapy in Medicine; Dr Hanns-Georig Klein, owner of the leading German Genetic Center, Munich Germany, on Trends in Genetics 2011; Dr Maria Colavita, Urologist/Andorologist and Gynecologist, Italy, on Fertility Treatments; Fathi bin Yusri al Riyami, Director, NewLife Healthcare and CEO of Cosmic Surrounding Technologies, on Health Awareness Education and Training; and Leila bint Said al Senani, Partner, NewLife Fertility Centers, on Home Healthcare Services.

In addition, in attendance were Dr Alexander Stadler, IVF Specialist and owner of Sterignost Fertility Centers, Austria; Dr Simon Walton, Embryologist, Managing Director of Australian Reproduction Technologies, Australia; and Dr Mamta Dass, Senior Gynecologist, India, Muscat.

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