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Health Services to Improve After Royal Orders in Jeddah

AdelaPrincess Adela Bint Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz said that building medical cities across the country due to the recent Royal Orders would develop the health services creating a qualitative leap in healthcare in the Kingdom. Princess Adela said that more services to cancer patients will be offered in oncology centers following the recently issued Royal Orders. She added that a definite impact will be noticed in the quality of services provided to cancer patients, especially children.

Arwa Al-Ammari, a nutritionist, mentioned that healthy food can play an important role in activating the immune system especially in children. She said “It also increases the effectiveness of the drugs that a cancer patient receives, in that healthy food supplies the body with the needed amount of calories and protein”. Furthermore, she continued “Nutrition in children afflicted with cancer can be divided into four main phases. These stages are the pre-treatment stage, the chemical and radiation treatment stages, when immunity decreases, and the post-treatment stage. Each one of these stages demands special kinds of food and nutrition”.

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