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Lebanon Hosts the Launch of a New Autism Center

ZghortaOn Monday the North and another center for the diagnosis of autism cases were launched in . The will operate the two centers. A statement by the organization said “As the causes of autism are still unknown and as many as one out of every 100 children may be autistic and since early diagnosis can give autistic children a better chance of receiving proper care and support the NAC and NICD were created”.

Multi-specialization teams will manage both centers to offer help to children with disabilities and learning difficulties. “The centers were the first of their kind in north Lebanon to cater for the needs of autistic children who are not receiving proper treatment” said Al-Midan’s head Rima Franjieh. Some of the audience of the opening ceremony included Zghorta Mayor, Antoine Sleiman, and the head of the Lebanese Autism Society, Arwa Halawa, in addition to experts in the field of autism and directors of public and private schools in the area.

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