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New Psychiatric Hospital to be Finished soon in Diwaniya

DiwaniyaOn Monday, the head of the Engineering Department in the Qadisiya Health service announced that a new in is being established. Qasim Sawadi told AKnews that the Laredo General Contracting Company builds the two-storey hospital. “This hospital is being built to address mental illness in the province. The building is made up of two floors that include halls of residence for the doctors, a radiology department, laboratories and administrative offices” He said.

Sawadi explained that about 3% of the work is completed including sports facilities, life-skill workshops and extensive gardens, designed to raise the psychological comfort and rehabilitation of future patients. He added “The hospital will become a center for psychological disorders for the eastern and southern Euphrates provinces. Diwaniya will become a center to receive patients and provide job opportunities for the people of the province”.

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