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A Serious Call to Reduce Diabetes in Saudi Arabia

DiabetesDr. Zuhair Al-Ghareebi, director of the National Center and head of the campaign for early detection of diabetic patients in the Kingdom announced that Saudi Arabia is occupying third place in the world in number of diabetes cases. Al-Ghareebi asked the public and private health institutions to help people aged above 30 in determining whether they have high blood sugar or not through free check up.

He said “Saudi Arabia holds third position worldwide in the number of diabetic patients, just after the United Arab Emirates, which holds second position, while Bahrain and Kuwait hold fourth and fifth positions respectively”, explaining that changing lifestyle, conducting regular physical exercises and early detection of diabetes can help 60% of people to avoid the disease.

He added “Until now no cure has been found for diabetes, although there is treatment that can help people maintain normal lives”. Stem cell research can be the only hope for better treatments for diabetes as scientists across the world expect. Through this research, scientist maybe able to better explore ways to control and direct stem cells by growing them into other cells, such as insulin-producing cells. More than 50% of Saudi citizens suffer from obesity. Therefore, 20 new diabetes centers across the Kingdom were built to address the disease by the government.

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