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High Blood Pressure Affects 26% of Jordanians

AmmanHealth experts said on Wednesday that around 26% of Jordanians suffer from , or vascular . According to Ayman Hammoudeh, a consultant interventional cardiologist, about 1.5 million citizens suffer from hypertension, 50% of them do not know they have it. People should follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent hypertension because its risk increases with age, except if it’s genetic so patient can delay the onset of the condition. An observational study will examine treatment compliance and quality of life in patients on anti-hypertensive medication in order to connect with experts from the public and private health sectors.

Imad Haddad, a consultant interventional cardiologist said “The study, which will cover 750 patients in and a similar number in Lebanon, seeks to access anti-hypertensive treatment compliance and quality of life, identify the proportion of patients who have adequately controlled hypertension and the factors that may alter compliance”. The US Centers for Disease Control revealed that high blood pressure has no noticeable warning signs or symptoms until other serious problems arise, so it is called the “silent killer”. Also eyes can be affected as the blood vessels in the eyes can rupture or burst from high blood pressure leading to vision impairment or blindness.

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