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Plans to Limit Expatriates with Infectious Diseases from Entering UAE

DubaiA health ministry official in announced yesterday that the county will prevent job-seekers from Asian countries infected with (TB) from working in the to stop the spreading of such infectious diseases. Dr Mahmud Fikri, assistant under-secretary for health policies in the Ministry said in a statement that 21% of Asians tested in a specific year were suffering from Tuberculosis. A federal announcement on Sunday revealed that medical tests must be done to expatriate workers in their countries before working in the Emirates. “This will bar many infected job-seekers, who are first treated at huge costs and then deported” Officials said.

Fikri said in the statement “The new procedure comes as part of the efforts of the UAE to achieve health security and maintain public health safety”. Medical tests for Hepatitis B and will be performed on new workers from Asia. The ministry in Dubai discovered a particular number of people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines who have contracted HIV/Aids after undergoing the tests. “Some expatriates arrive in Dubai with infectious disease and stay in the UAE for a month until their treatment is completed. Some workers disappear and there is a danger they may spread the diseases” He added.

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