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SCH Applies New System to Decrease Prices of Medications in Doha

SCHIndustry Sources in expect that the high prices of medications would take some time until the market gets ready for a new system of open competition. In order to reduce the prices of medications, the () has done a lot according to the new laws that aim to promote competition in the market by ending the monopoly of a few exclusive dealers. Prices of various medicines increase by about 25% in the past few days. The pricing section in The Pharmacy and Drug Control Department at SCH is canceled to be prepared for addressing more products as well as new importers of medicines.

The prices were left to be determined by the demand and supply equation in the market that is controlled by wholesalers and retailers. An expert said “Prices could go up initially since the government has abstained itself from determining the prices. But they should come down ultimately as more importers would enter the market and bring products from multiple sources”. A source at the Pharmacy and Drug Control Department mentioned that some traders tried to use the situation by raising the prices, and the department wasn’t ready to handle this. The new system will allow the prices of medicines to vary in different retail outlets, according to the industry sources.

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