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Status of Hospitals in Gulf should be Announced to Assure Public

DubaiA senior healthcare executive in announced that to reassure people of healthcare facilities in the region, the healthcare status reports on hospitals and clinics should be published. “There was also a need to give people assurances on the quality of healthcare in the region so that people would not jump on a plane if they had a serious condition” said Mark Adams, CEO of , at the opening of the GCC’s first occupational health facility in Deira. There was a pressing need for proper facilities for spinal and brain injuries in a region as a result to traffic accidents. He said that in the next five years such facilities would emerge in the region, which he said was doing well in every other measure.

“Diabetes is life-long, once you get it and if not managed properly could lead to whole range of life-threatening conditions. If caught early in the pre-diabetic stage, changes can be made in the diet and in lifestyle. Gulf Healthcare would also work on the preventative side. Given that over two-thirds of the population spends most of the time in the work-place it is a logical place to start education and preventative initiatives” Adams added. The executive said “With the economic downturn there was a lot of work-based stress. “More employers are looking to support their staff”.

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