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Financial Resources for Healthcare must Increase in UAE

DubaiBillions of dirhams must be spent on providing healthcare for the citizens by Gulf governments due to increasing cases of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. The latest World Health Organization (WHO) study showed that Gulf countries spend around $18 billion on healthcare facilities. And as a result of the population expected to increase to around 60 million by 2017, the healthcare expenditure per individual in these countries is also expected to rise.

Holger Micheel-Sprenger, partner and managing director at IMCE Healthcare said “The Middle East region in particular is characterized by a high prevalence of diabetes, obesity related cardiovascular diseases and an increasing amount of cancer. These factors along with a high prevalence of smoking, coupled with changes in health insurance regulations have led to an increase in the demand for healthcare services in the region”. He explained that the Middle East will face a huge challenge due to the region’s growing population and the need to improve its healthcare systems.

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