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Diabetic must Undergo Regular Eye Screening

Dubai patients have been asked to have regular by the director of Diabetes Center. Most of those patients come to the center unaware that they have . Dr. Hamed Farooqi, who warns that retinal damage could lead to blindness if it is not detected and treated early enough, said “It is very important to catch this early on”. When damaged blood vessels are blocked and replaced by new weaker vessels, diabetic eye disease may develop to a higher level.

Lasers are used to treat such disease by minimizing vision loss. Also, it is important for diabetics to have a regular eye screening every year. “We have been consistently conducting screening for diabetic damage to the eyes and results showed that approximately one in five diabetics are unaware they already suffer from retinal damage” said Dr. Bruno Blanchon, consultant at the center. Dr. Farooqi advised diabetics, especially those who have a familial history of diabetes or are overweight, to check on their blood glucose when they go for their routine physical checkup.

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